Bluesilica Technologies

BlueSilica - Digital and RF Solutions

At BlueSilica, we design and develop Digital and RF hardware solutions. We take up the design from scratch develop PCBs , realize and integrate the PCB through established vendors. We have the expertise and facilities to take up RF solutions.

BlueSilica develops FPGA based hardware and interface module cards such as ADC and DAC. Develop the RF hardware as per the system specifications. We have experience in developing solutions for Complex systems which have both digital and RF together. . We use our expertise to develop fast custom modules, rich applications for Aerospace systems, ground communication systems, telemetry systems etc.

We also engage with high-technology product companies in their need to get a well designed product to market using latest technologies. We support our clients with onsite integration of the custom hardware of the client. We are flexible to engage at various stages. Right from design till testing

Our Expertise

  • Technical Feasibility Evaluation.
  • Custom model development.
  • System Architecture Design.
  • RADAR simulatore hardware.
  • Communication system simulation hardware.
  • Custom SDR hardware.
  • RF modules up 18 GHz.

New Product Development

  • Continuous R&D to improve the capacity of the existing products.
  • Develop proto type modules based on the custom need.
  • Adaptation of latest hardware modules in to custom solutions.
  • Initiate R&D based on client need.