Bluesilica Technologies

BlueSilica - IP Solutions

At BlueSilica, we support the State of the art communication and signal processing solutions to help quick realization of next generation Communication systems. We work on generating IP solutions for the latest algorithms. We also design and develop IP cores for the logic and algorthims provided by clients.

BlueSilica develops FPGA based IP modules for various industries and domains. We have experience in developing small footprint IP cores by optimizing the logic. Our IP solutions are built to meet the seamless interface integrity with other IP modules. We use our expertise to develop fast custom modules, rich applications for consumer electronics and telecom products.

We work with high-technology product companies to get a well designed product to market using latest technologies in an accelerated timeframe. We support IP development and integration at client location.

We provide specialized consulting for development of FPGA based IP for the products related to Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Wireless, Medical, Aerospace etc. We are flexible to engage at various stages.

Our Expertise

  • Technical Feasibility Evaluation.
  • Custom model development.
  • System Architecture Design.
  • IP for RADAR and Communications.
  • IPs for Telemetry applications.
  • IP for Embedded interfaces.

New Product Adaptation

Re-development & re-engineering, new technology adaptation, performance and reliability improvement and multiple platform porting services.

Testing & Verification

Test plan design, test automation and scripting, compatibility and interoperability, compliance testing and regression testing.